Agro-Max Benefits

There are many benefits to using Agro-Max with SumaGrow, including:

  • Agro-Max will increase ANY crop yield at least 10-20%.
  • Chemical Fertilizer can be reduced by 50% or halted all together.
  • Agro-Max will help protect plants against insects, mold and algae. Farmers can reduce pesticide usage by 90% and Fungicides by 50%.
  • Agro-Max saves 25% on water usage while helping to reduce nitrate pollution into ground waters.
  • Agro-Max significantly increases Brix levels, resulting in tastier, higher quality produce, more abundant pasture lands and higher nutritional crops.
  • Agro-Max gives the farmer a shorter growing season allowing product to market faster.
  • Farmers have experienced increased crop protection with Agro-Max even with early frosts, over abundant rainfall and drought conditions.
  • Organic Crops bring in higher revenues.
  • Made in the United States