I have never had such dramatic results as I have seen since using your SumaGrow product only one time! I have not used any commercial fertilizer at all and still have these great results!

— Arthur Herrin, Mississippi

We had a killer frost while the berries were in full bloom. I didn’t have canvases to cover the bushes, so in a brainstorm, I sprayed them with SumaGrow. Saved the berries.

— Wade Davis, North Carolina

I am so impressed that after last year’s results we are only using SumaGrow on our plots this year and have cut traditional fertilizers out completely.

— Tom Foglio, Mink Pond Club

The grass came out earlier and was thicker and greener than I have ever seen for this time of year. For the first time the cows coult not keep up with the growth and this year, we will have hay to cut from these fields.

— Rhonda & Don Belleck, Mississippi

The stories go on and on...

  • To date EVERY farmer who has used SumaGrow has increased his crop yield and saved on Fertilizer costs.
  • Tea Farmers increase yield 80% in a matter of months.
  • Dairy Farmers increased buttermilk production from 3% to 4%.
  • Last year 1 farmer increased his test hectares from 5 to 900, another 20 to 6,000 and yet another from 30 to 8,000.